Legend: Jean Schlumberger - The jewel of Tiffany and Company

Many might not know the name Jean Schlumberger. But in the world of jewelry Mr. Schlumberger is a legend. He is a artist and his medium is rubies,emeralds, and diamonds. Jean never had formal training but mastered his craft by first working for another legend Ms. Elsa Schiaparelli creating buttons and costume jewelry for the outrageous designer in France in the 1930's. In 1946 Jean opened his own jewelry salon with his partner Nicolas Bongard. Then in 1956 Mr. Schlumberger fulfilled his destiny by joining Tiffany and Company. While at Tiffany's Mr. Sclumberger career reached new heights with clients like CZ Guest, Diane Vreeland, Gloria Guinness,and the great Jacqueline Kennedy. In fact Kennedy wear his enamel bracelets (which starts at about $18,000) so much that they were nicknamed the "Jackie bracelets". Mr. Schlumberger most famous piece is "The bird on a rock" which was a beautiful brooch in Schlumberger's famous whimsical style in which he borrows from nature the create his legendary pieces. Jean is one of four designers that was allowed to sign their work in the company's history.

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