He's A Doll

Good Morning Chickens,

So yesterday I did a lil shopping in NYC. Picked up my Acne Sandals from Oak that I blogged about a few weeks back, I checked out Phillip Lim, and made my rounds to Zara, Century 21 (im on a budget), TopMan and finally Uniqlo. As I was standing in the fitting room line, low and behold, who was in front of me? The gorgeous and completely dashing Jon K! I nearly crapped my pants! He's so fricken beautiful. Being the extrovert that I am, I tapped him on the shoulder and had a brief convo about Diesel which he told me he shot the ad for. He was so fricken nice too! I don't have any pics because my blasted Iphone was acting up, and I don't carry a digital around lol. But he was very cool and nice.

Just thought I'd share. Maybe I should have a digital on hand wherever I go?

Take Care,

The Wildcard