The Cat's meow

Ultra glamorous.
Ultra chic.
Ultra luxe.
Ultra hip.
Ultra soft.

Resort is quickly becoming my favorite of the collections. For the Resort collections designers can test out some new ideas and see how they sell. If they sell then they get worked into the major collection if not then they are cut. But these small collections give the designer more freedom and not really worry about what will and will not sell. They just let the creative juice flow. With that being said back to the matter at hand. Burberry Prorsum is just the cat's meow ( as my grandmother would say) The team at Burberry lead by Bailey delivered a soft feminine collection. I can write a book describing the collection but I don't need to you can see it for yourself. Everything was just so remarkable the pleated pants which was the majority of the collection in the muted greys and yellows are the world to me right now. These are clothes you want to wear period.

And I still love the sock/sandel combo

The Dealer