To kick our coverage with the 2010 resort season,I want to start with one of in my opinion the strongest collections this season. Phi so far is my favorite collection for resort. For resort Phi's creative director Andreas Melbostad used many different components to bring together the look for the Phi client. Their were biker, surfer and scuba elements with a sprinkle of military that brought the hard edge image to life . I love when A woman can give a LOOK. I love how Melbostad took the Harem pant ( something that a lot of girls have ) and updated by adding the biker short underneath. I also loved all the exposed zippers on the pants and jackets . As a whole I think the collection was superb I think Andreas hit the nail on the head . I am sure a lot the collection will sale because it is amazing AND for this collection many of the pieces will be under $1000. I see Rihanna wearing every piece of this collection.

that jacket is something serious

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