untitled(your impossible)
by Mike Monteiro

As you guys know I just moved into my new two bedroom apartment a month ago. I must it is a totally new experience for me. The whole living on your own is weird. I feel like a adult now LMAO. Now after making that huge leap into on livingon my own my next task I face is to decorate my apartment. I have all the basics sofa, bed etc I need to add some personalty to my place. I think the best way to express who your are in your home is with art. In my search for artwork for my place I came across a very cool website . 20x200 is a website that showcases up and coming artists and sells their work. They have some really good pieces. The artwork ranges from 20 to 2000 dollars, here are some pieces that I like.

by Beth Dow

by Jacob Magraw

untitled (elephant)
by Don Hamerman


The Dealer