Lats night, here in Philadelphia, The Dealer and yours truly attended a Spring bash thrown by none other that A2G's very own, Special K. The Dealer, Special K and I used to be roomates of sorts back in our legendary "Frathouse" days. Special K and his new roomie have a marvelous new apartment however and the party was a blast as always. Special K THROWS a party. Though I missed his Holiday/ Birthday soiree back in December, I made sure to be at this one with bells on and I'm so glad I did! I wore a white shirt with no spills, no one stepped on my suede Sperry Top siders, I was nice and crunk, got in at almost 7 a.m and, woke up sans hangover and went to work! Now THAT'S a good weekend! I'd post pics but now that I've got the Nikon working again, of course I left it home. What can ya do?

The Arnold