Cinematic Genius (Libertine)

You may have seen this ad plastered all over Sony stores near you. Its from one of my favorite brands Libertine. Johnson Hartig and Cindy Greene, the master minds behind the brand, started by making retro and vintage t-shirts. Afterwards began revamping vintage pieces with new prints, then later deciding to take it a step further and create their own brand. Libertine's inspiration is basically modern interpretations of classic designs, and also taking inspiration from punk culture and romantic literature. What your about to witness is Libertine's spring/summer 09 campaign. they took much of their influence from cinema, one movie in-particular "Clockwork Orange". Also Libertine along with other designers are working with sony as kind of a when fashion meets technology relationship. so without further delay here are a few photos from Libertine's campaign. Enjoy

With Pleasure
THe SAint