Hush Oscar

Now we love Oscar de la Renta over here at A2G, we really do. We love his collections and his legion of loyal Park Avenue clients. We love his Pedigreed wife, Annette. We love his longevity in this game and we LOVE his badboy son, Moises. But we DO NOT love how he has been slamming our first lady, Michelle Obama. Mr. de la Renta doesn't agree with Mrs. Obama's choice of wearing mainstream labels like J. Crew instead of expensive high end established labels such as his, when the American fashion industry is struggling. As far as Mrs. Obama choosing to wear an Alaia cardigan to meet Queen Elizabeth, he remarked, "You don't go to Buckingham Palace in a sweater." And he added his displeasure with Obama's wearing European designers, including Alaia, while in Europe.
Now, as I said, Mr. de la Renta is one of my favorites but I think he missed the mark with this one. He knows better. His statements come off as bitter and even jealous that Michelle hasn't chosen to wear him yet as he's been a favorite of the last few recent First ladies. Also, Oscar should know that in a period when "American fashion is struggling", a designer of his caliber shouldn't make such saucey comments about a first lay whom the ENTIRE WORLD loves! Maybe eh should have saved this conversation for a private lunch at Swifty's. So we'll keep it simple. Oscar, listen to Mr. Mickey from Papermag and one this one, just hush.

The Arnold