I must say that Miuccia is a genius. She is not like other designers. She really doesn't rely on trends or worry what will sells. She has a devoted following and they will buy whatever she sends down the runway. In my book Miuccia is one of the few great designers for womens wear AND menswear of our time. Season after season she delivers impeccable collections that never bore and keep the devoted Prada buyer coming back screaming for more. With that being said S/S 2010 kept the Miuccia legacy going with the hottest collection so far (still waiting on Balmain). The models with teased beach hair and scarlet lip were just divine. Miuccia took the her girl to the beach this season . I loved all the embellished tops and the pieces that were left undone having the selvage show. Only Prada can make an unfinished garment fashionable. AND the printed jacket are just outstanding. God I love Prada.

The Dealer