I don't wanna gossip so you didn't hear this from me

The front row at Balenciaga was missing the queen of fashion and her glamorous ladies in waiting at it's most recent show. The reason is unknown why they was a no show at this time. When the press got a chance to ask Roitfeld later that day at the Nina Ricci show about her absence at the show, "We're Blacklisted" she said with a shrug. She also went on the say “It’s too bad, it’s a beautiful house and it’s French. I hope that it’s not forever.” Not only is the entire Paris Vogue team is not allowed to attend the shows for now, but Balenciaga is also no longer advertises and lends clothes to the magazine. When asked why were the two not on good terms any more she simply just said "ask them". And of course Balenciaga's spokesmen declined to comment.

Well all I have to say to Balenciaga is Carine is queen. When she says jump you say how high. Thank you and goodnight and god bless.

The Dealer