Alber always delivers

There are not many designers can hold my attention like Alber can. When taking in a collection I look for a designer to execute a collection with a vision and bring fourth new ideas and attitudes to inspire me. As far back as I can remember Alber has always given me everything that I look for in a collection. My love for Alber and Lanvin reached new levels this season. He offered everything that I love in womenswear. There was fur, drape, texture , sparkle and a little sexy appeal. Elbaz continued the drape silhouette that he is known for. The highlight of the collection for me was the coats. I am in love with all the coats, especially the coats with the feathers and the long hair fur coats are just what the docter ordered. It was just another great collection from Lanvin. I expect nothing but perfection from Alber and he always delivers.

double kisses
The Dealer