Really Rihanna?

Now I loves Rihanna, lawd knows I do. I think she's beautiful and I actually like that the girl takes risks BUT I am so sick of her stepping out in these head to toe "looks". Like RUNWAY looks! You're in New York doing who knows what and your going who knows where and in the middle of the day you're in FULL BEAT and a leather legging, OR strands and strands of pearls OR shy high Zanotti wedges OR Gareth Pugh OR a McQueen jumper and always those fucking gloves! This is one of your simpler looks and at what looks like mid noon you're in a teeny DENIM mini dress and Louboutin's! And you ruin that with that THING on your head! Enough is enough RiRi! We get it. Tell your stylist to slow it down and YOU go record a damn song or something. Sigh. I just can't...


The Arnold