Alexander the Great

10:39 am David texted me Alexander McQueen committed ssuicide. I replied No he didn't, he replies yesss. I jump up and make a dash for my laptop. My heart is beating fast. Please be a joke, please be a joke, I say to myself over and over again. My hands shake as I type in google Alexander McQueen commits suicide. And there it is in black and white on the computer screen. Alex is gone. I don't want to believe it, not my Alex. Alex was more than a designer he was a true artist and visionary. His fashion shows are some if not the best production you will ever see. His showmanship was the most original of any fashion designer ever. He was always the best in my mind. Thank you Alex , your time here was short but so important and meaningful to the industry and me.

Please stay tuned to Addicted2glamour because I will highlight more of my favorite collections from his amazing career.

The Dealer