Look closer and read between the lines

I want you guys to take a look at the images below.

So here are the MUCH talked about images of Lara Stone shot by Steven Klein for the October issue of French Vogue. The editorial shows Lare in blackface and Lara turning ligher and lighter to a white face, then a cracked white face, then to a tan face. Many people are outraged over the images of Lara in blackface saying that is tasteless and why would he show a model in black face in a world where people of color have come so far. But I want you guys to look closer at the images there many different message are being shown through this editorial that many people fail to see. First I want you to look at the image of Lara with the cracked white face. The message that was that many white and fairer skin women often use makeup to make themselves into a ideal of beauty that really are near impossible to achieve. Now look at the first image of Lara where her skin in the darkest, notice how Lara looks more calm and beautiful. The message is that many woman of color stay away from makeup ( black don't crack) and diet to fits into the mainstream. They have there own ideals of beauty that are far way from what we the mainstream thinks is beautiful. Finally I want you to look at the final picture. Lara skin is now a tan color. The message is that beauty isn't black or white but both. I think that Steven is amazing for showing that woman should love and feel comfortable in the skin that they are in whether it's the darkest of black or the palest of white or something between. Kudos to Steven Carine and French Vogue.

The Dealer