Gagsville: really Nura

I don't think this has ever happen in the world of modern day haute couture. Usually the clients of haute couture goes to the shows and might pick one piece or two looks for their pleasure. As you know a haute couture garment can start around 40,000 dollars and can go to six figures and has to be fitted to the exact measurements of the couture client. With that being said you guys all know how I much I loved Givenchy haute couture 2010 fall collection. It was the best collection of the fall 2010 couture season. Apparently someone else thinks it was the best collection of the 2010 fall couture season because she BROUGHT THE ENTIRE COLLECTION. Her name is Nura Bint Khalid Al Thani and she is the third wife of the current emir of Qatar Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber bin Muhammad Al Thani. When I got the news I GAGGED so hard. I wonder how her closet looks.

The Dealer