Lady Gaga - Alejandro

The wait is over Lady Gaga's Alejandro video premiered today. As you know the video was director by the great Steven Klein. The video is 8 minutes and 44 seconds of pure bliss. It was like watching a Steven Klein editorial come to live. It was so visually pleasing to me. I love the Helmet Newton and Madonna references. Gaga takes the art form (and it is a art form ,most music artists can't seem to make a good music video anymore)of music videos to new levels. Some highlights of the video for me has to be Gaga is a red leather nun's outfit and the boys in high heels grinding on the bed. I also loved the scene of Gaga dancing in the machine gun bra top paying homage to Madonna and her Jean Paul Gaultier cone bra. Now I know I say this for every gaga video but the video was epic.

The Dealer