Okay so I was browsing the tube and came across this gem. Do you guys remember the VH1 fashion awards? God I used to LIVE for this award show. So let's rewind to the year of 2000. I can still remember this show like it was yesterday. Can you spot all the fabulous moments in this clip, if not let me help you.

0:01 - Chloƫ Sevigny when is was so downtown, and was just about to drop Imitation of Christ with Tara. ( Tara coming back you know with I.O.C )
0:04 - Liv Tyler and Stella are wearing the INFAMOUS horse print collection from Chloe.
1:06 - My favorite beat drop, back then I didn't even what a vogue beat was. I laughed so hard when I heard that lol.
2:30 - Caroline Ribeiro hit the runway. For the record I love Carloline still to this day. And let me just say that Gucci collection was the shit. The pieces still can be wore today, can't you see ri ri giving that entire look head to toe.
2.57 - Gisele wearing Dolce and looking like she fell asleep in the sun lol. Remember when fake tans was the shit lol.
5:01 - Carmen giving a FIERCE bob.(She is the richest women in Estonia you know, AND in my book she is one of the best walkers to hit the runway. #imjustsaying)
5:55 - Anna Wintour smiles. Gotta love that.

2000 was a good year. Right !?!

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